Thursday, May 31, 2007

Need a KitchenAid Mixer? Check this out!

I ran across this deal & couldn't believe my eyes, so I had to share it with you! Amazon has the big, beautiful KitchenAid Deluxe Edition 6-Quart Bowl Lift Stand Mixer on sale for only $210 + free shipping.

The catch? The only color at this price is Pistachio. I think the color is vintage inspired & adorable, not a deterrent!

I wish I could come up with an excuse to purchase one, but my little white one is practically new. Please treat yourself to this little beauty!

*update* The oh-so-gorgeous Tangerine is on sale for $199! You're crazy not to snag one!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Melisser; The Urban Housewife.

I've never been the domestic type- owning a home in the suburbs, children underfoot, having dinner on the table when my husband walks in the door have never appealed to me. Guess what? THEY STILL DON'T!
I am a city girl with no plans for children. I have tattoos, I love to dance at clubs, I love animals & I'm a vegetarian. I have a career that sends me all over the place & a husband who in our 9 years together never minded I was domestically challenged. I have always had a sweet tooth & I've never had a problem downing 2 desserts before the main course has arrived.
So, when did I make the jump from dancing & dining out to baking & recipe book reading?

About a year ago, I went to a bakery in New York City & tasted their famous cupcakes. Once home in San Francisco, I wished I could have more of these delectable little treats, but there was nothing similar available. That's when it dawned on me, "I could make my own cupcakes!" & I hit the internet & came across the recipe for the very bakery I adored.

Baking was foreign to me- sure, my mother made cakes for people to raise extra money when I was a child, but I hadn't experienced anything beyond cake mixes, canned frosting, & basic cookie recipes.
Whether beginners luck or meticulous attention to detail, my 1st attempt at baking cupcakes from scratch was a success. The friends who experienced my cupcakes started asking for more & I was hooked! Potlucks, BBQs, & birthdays meant a chance to bake & I took every single opportunity I could get.

These days between work & travel, you'll find me cooking with vegetables from our local farmers market, shopping at Sur La Table & Williams Sonoma, studying Martha Stewart, scouring Epicurious for recipes, & of course, tearing up the local dance floors all night long!

Hi there, I'm Melisser. I'm 1 part sugar, 2 parts spice & I'm here to share my culinary adventures with other foodies, fashionistas, & fun seekers from every corner of the world.