Saturday, November 10, 2007

Do you know the Dosa Man?

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I’m back from New York City with a plethora of information to share! While it may take me awhile to sort through all the photos, collect my thoughts, & catch up on blogs & comments, I thought I’d start with a post about NY Dosas!

In Washington Square Park on West 4th Street & Sullivan, there’s a man who sells delicious dosas & other South Indian goodies, cooked to order, all from a curbside quick food cart. This is not quick food though, these are dishes made with care, kindness, & a smile from the generous Thiru, owner & chef of NY Dosas. Best of all, it’s all Vegan! It thrills the hell out of me to see a street cart selling Vegan dishes to the public & there was no shortage of people enjoying them!

On my first visit, I had the most popular selection; the Special Pondicherry, a rice & lentil crepe filled with vegetables & spiced potatoes. The first thing I noted was the freshness of the vegetables, lightly cooked & crispy in the delicious crepe. A coconut chutney & spicy sambar accompany the dosa, all for only $6! In addition to dosas, a small selection of lunch specials, veggie uthappam, and quick bites such as samosas, veggie roti, lentil donuts, and veggie drumsticks are available.

I decided to make NY Dosas my final meal before heading home from my trip. I left my selection to Thiru this time & was not disappointed! He loaded my container with a dosa, uppthapam, a portion of the idly meal, AND a veggie drumstick in addition to the standard sides! I was in shock, very, very full & toting leftovers.

I look forward to next time I’m in NYC, a trip (or three) to NY Dosas is definitely in order! Go support the “vegan dosa cart guy” & enjoy some fun & fresh food!

By the way, in response to NaNoWriMo, a Vegan Month of Food project has been formed called VeganMoFo! While I lack time to participate, there's a lot of great entries being churned out by the many vegan bloggers out there. I'm not sure if there is a complete listing of participant, but check out this listing from Isa & find a new favorite recipe or blog!


Celine said...

I want to go to NYC, so bad! maybe another time we can coordinate our trips so we can meet up there too.

LizNoVeggieGirl said...

Welcome back!! I've never had dosas before, but I HAVE heard about NY Dosas - when I go to NYC in a few months, I definitely need to look for that cart and try some dosas! :0)

vko said...

Thank you for taking me to see the Dosa Man! Had a great time- let me know when you are back in town.

Lori- the Pleasantly Plump Vegan said...

i have heard of this cart before. i can't wait to go there when i visit NYC. thanks for sharing these wonderful pics!

aTxVegn said...

I saw the Dosa Man on Food Network. I wish I had the kitchen equipment to make my own dosas.

moi + toi PHOTOGRAPHIE said...

Rad!! A vegan cart!!

Now that is amazing. Maybe he can come to Montréal!!

Unknown said...

i'm glad you're back, melisser! dazee and i are about to go to south india for three weeks and we're going to uthapi, the birthplace of dosa!!!

i loved this post.

Alexis said...

I have heard of that guy, he's been on tv, a few times I guess from seeing other people's comments! We have a vegan hot dog vendor here in Orlando and people love him!

Mihl said...

I want to go to NYC, too! In my imagination (based on what I read on food blogs) this is a vegan's paradise.

bazu said...

I love dosas! Savory, super spicy little dreams. I'm ashamed to say that I've never been to the Dosa cart, but I'm very glad that he exists. Ok, I just had breakfast, but now I want a dosa...

Vegan_Noodle said...

Wow, vegan dosas from a street cart? Super cool.
Excited to hear about the rest of your trip!

Ashasarala said...

Everything here looks so delicious.

The more and more blogs I read, the more and more appealing NYC is to me. I've been there once and didn't do anything fun, nor did I eat anything good. Now I have to go back and redeem myself.

Gigi said...

Welcome back!

shaun.marie said...

mmmm dosas and i get along nicely. i'll be in NY in a week or so and am going to try and fit in a visit to NY Dosas!

TB said...

dosas! i wants them!

robotslingshot said...

I'm a New Yorker that is so happy to learn about a new veg option! *So excited for the Dosa man!


the little one said...

On Friday I'm taking a train to Grand Central and then walking about a mile to Penn Station (right name?) to grab a different train to Connecticut. Any chance this dosa miracle man is on the way? Near Bryant Park perhaps? I know NYC is super big so I'm dreaming, but any chance? Would love dosas! Plus, on our way back maybe I could sidetrack to this most wonderful cart.

the little one said...

Me again. Sorry for being a total dumb ass. I just saw the address. Thanks!

Anna said...

YUM! I've gotta get myself to NYC too.'s only a few thousand miles away, no worries eh? :) With street food like that, I'd be a very happy visitor.

urban vegan said...

Go dosa man!

Teresa said...

Welcome Back! How awesome to get vegan dosas, and from a cart! I wish I knew about that when I went to NYC this summer.

Now that you are back in SF, we should try meeting up. Maggie Mudd is having $1 scoops on Wednesday, and I've still never been there. Wanna go?

Anonymous said...

Ah man, I want to go to NYC so much and even more after reading your post...lucky you!

jess (of Get Sconed!) said...

I have to check this out! I have heard of him, but never actually seen or tried..

Melisser; the Urban Housewife said...

celine- Yes, please! I go to NYC as often as I can find an excuse!

veggiegirl- Thank you! Dosas are similar to crepes; yum yum! Totally find the cart, it's right near NYU.

vko- It was great spending time with you! I will, of course, be in touch when I come back!

thePPV- It's a fun visit, be sure to talk to Thiru, he's SO nice!

atxvegn- I've heard he gets a lot of press. He's so nice, he deserves it!

candice- so cool, right?! I wish he'd go on tour! haha.

kittee- South India; SO COOL! Eat a dosa for me, please! xo!

alexis- a veg hot dog cart, that's awesome!

mihl- NYC is totally vegan paradise! I'd fear the fate of my waistline if I moved there!

bazu- Get thee to a dosary!

Veg_Noodle- Thanks!

Melisser; the Urban Housewife said...

Ashasarala- NYC is AWESOME! If I could deal with the weather, I'd be living there right now.

gigi- Thank you!

shaun.marie- You totally should! Talk to Thiru, he's awesome!

textual- me too!

Paula- They're the best quick food NYC has to offer.. although not all that quick!

thelittleone- Have a great time! Maybe you can go to Hangawi for a quick bite?

Veganista- It's worth the trek, NYC is awesome!

UV- totally!

maybepigscanfly- OMG, yes! $1 scoops sounds perfect. I'm getting in touch!

Gaia- I want to go back!

jess- It's fun to check out! You walk past a lot of veg restaurants on the way there though! haha.

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