Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sugar Shock; a massive baking post!

Please head over to my new blog at, where you'll find this post & more!

I am back from Portland! I had a great time seeing familiar faces, making new friends, & eating A LOT of food. I'll be covering the goods in a future post, but in the mean time, get your sweet tooth ready, as I am about to take you on one appetizing adventure that may put you in to sugar shock!

It's no secret, I love to bake! The level at which sweets are being produced is currently at an all time high around here. It may have something to do with a little endeavor I have in the works, but let's just say, they're not all for the consumption of my household or friends! With that being said, let the tour begin!

My friends Jordan & Mike got married. To celebrate, we ditched the guys & had a Girls Night Out which also celebrated the arrival of a friend's baby! I whipped up two types of cupcakes for the occasion; Vanilla with Pineapple Buttercream & Toasted Coconut & "La La Lemon"- Vanilla filled with Lemon Curd & topped with Lemon Buttercream.

I also sent home a little treat for the newlyweds; a Chocolate cake filled with a fudgy Caramel concoction, topped with Chocolate frosting & drizzled in Caramel. Not wanting to send them over the edge, I baked a 5 inch cake, the perfect amount for two to share!

An future vegan spot in San Francisco called "V Restaurant" contacted me for an event they were holding which included a bus tour & a stop in a community garden for dessert. I created this trio of mini treats for everyone to enjoy; Chocolate Peanut Butter Whoopie Pies, Orange Dreamsicle cupcakes, & locally grown organic Strawberries in Bittersweet Chocolate! I went along for the tour & saw familiar faces including Aurelia from VegNews who wrote about the event for their Press Pass blog.

One of my favorite people, Laura B. the vegansaurus had a birthday! I insisted on creating a cake for her special event, hosted at San Francisco's newest veg cafe, The Usual Suspects. My first time working with a tiered cake, it leaves a bit to be desired visually, but this cake was quickly demolished! The bottom layer is Chocolate filled with Peanut Butter Caramel & the top is Vanilla with macerated Strawberries. I frosted the outside with a light & fluffy Vanilla mousse.

Mini cupcakes are super fun to make, although some would say they're more fun to eat! These mini Chocolate cupcakes with brightly colored Vanilla Buttercream were for an event at the Sephora corporate offices. While I don't believe there were any vegan in the house, rumor has it people loved them & were shocked to find out their veg status!

Finally, I bring you a fun project, a goth inspired cake! Birthday girl & awesome artist Netsui commissioned me to create her birthday cake & this is what we came up with. Despite the black marzipan skull & iron cross exterior, this cake is filled with sweetness; Vanilla cake coated in violet Strawberry Buttercream & filled with fresh strawberries!

I hope I didn't send you in to complete sugar shock! Surprisingly, this isn't all of the sweet treats I've been making & you can expect to see more posts like this in the future. Let's hope you can process it all without slipping into a sugar induced coma!


Anonymous said...

What a great way for me to start the day--virtual sugar shock! Love it. That chocolate cake looks sensational, and that skull and crossbone cake--wow wow. Of course they all look fantastic--you've made me long to bake again!

Anonymous said...

holy crap, you're amazing! my birthday is in August -- I think I'll have to come to SF so you can bake me something. you should just open your own bakery.

Anonymous said...

Do you deliver???

Anonymous said...

They're fantastic!!! Especially the one with the skull. How do you do that?

Vegan_Noodle said...

You know I can't resist a post full of treats!! I knew from your twitters howmuch you have been baking, but dang girl! All of this looks so sweet, and your tiered cake looks fabulous! I still haven't tried a tiered cake yet, but really want to. But I think my fave has to be that birthday cake, did you cut the skull shape by hand? Awesome.

LizNoVeggieGirl said...

My goodness, and I thought that I liked to bake - you DEFINITELY put me to shame (but I knew that already, since EVERYTHING that you bake always looks impeccable)!! Just so you know, my birthday is in April, and birthdays just aren't complete without a baked good.... ;0)

julie hasson said...

Absolutely amazing looking desserts Melisser!! Your sweets are a true work of art!

Kumudha said...

Wow! So many delicious vegan cakes.

Bianca said...

Wow. I think all my teeth just fell out reading this post. But it was worth Melisser, you freakin' rock! I wish I was a billionaire and you'd consent to work for me as a personal baker in my sweet-ass mansion overlooking the ocean. That's never going to happen, but hey, a girl can dream, right?

Devadeva Mirel said...

oh my, it all looks too good! i definitely feel sugar is appropriate any time of the day. some things you can't get enough of...

Animal-Friendly said...

It all looks great! Wow, I can't believe that you made even more than that. I can't wait to see more (and be put into another sugar coma)

Meghan said...

awesome awesome and awesome!

Anonymous said...

Wow, what beautiful baked goods! I wish I had decorating skills like you!

aTxVegn said...

Oh, I just love everything! And OMG for chocolate pb whoopie pies - big huge drools!

Jess said...

I think a simple "yum" (directed at everything!) will suffice... But to that, I'll also add "Holy crap, that skull & crossbones cake is amazing!" That sounds totally delicious. And that cupcake with lemon curd?! Yes, please.

Amey said...

woooo hoooo!
Melisser! You are seriously taking these goodies to a new level. I just got out of bed and now I am salivating all over the place. :) DANG!

It looks like your baking biz is doing great. All those flavor combos sound so amazing... pineapple & toasted coconut? Peanut butter caramel?? Whoa!

It'd be fun to do another get-together, and maybe even top it off with some vegan pizza. What's your schedule like?

ps. love the skull and crossbones. cool!

Celine said...

you kick butt!

sarchan said...

Whoa. You've certainly been busy. I really like the stripey cupcake wrappers in the first 2 photos. And I can never seem to find vegan sprinkles that cute (only chocolate or the muted, naturally-colored variety 'round here). It all looks amazing.

Rural Vegan said...

Sugar shock, I'm in awe! The goth cake is so stinking cute. You clearly need to open a bakery too. This stuff is too good to keep to yourself!

Sarah P said...

ohhhh everything looks amazing! I love the tiny trio of desserts - what lucky people!

Mihl said...

first cupcake and the second and those cakes! You are so talented, everything you do looks amazing. I wanna move to SF and eat scull cake all the time!

Anonymous said...

Did you make a vegan lemon curd...or did you buy it? I've never had lemon curd before and I'm dying to try it!

How To Eat A Cupcake said...

Do you have the recipe for those chocolate cupcakes on your blog anywhere? They look soooooo good!

Anonymous said...

You are the baking master!

My fav is the cake with the strawberries and kiwi on top.

JENNA said...

I wish I could have a taste of all those delicious looking treats!

Bobbi said...

Wow wow wow, everything looks amazing. You are inspired!

Lori- the Pleasantly Plump Vegan said...

i am so jealous of yr frosting. can you come to Atlanta and teach me yr tricks?

Unknown said...

i am so jealous you're getting in on the julie hasson/bryanna fluff! your baked goods are gorgeous, as ever. i could handle a little five incher myself! glad you had fun in portland, it is a good place.


Anonymous said...

Yum yum yum yum YUM!!! I'm not a big sugar person usually, but find myself thiiiiiis close to licking my computer screen...

~Erin @ "Vegan & the City"

Anonymous said...

That cake! *drool*
That's perfection.

urban vegan said...

I am having a severe sugar low. Such gorgeous baked goods--you are such a baking artiste.

herbivore said...

I just baked my first tier cake too.. mine was also a little less than perfect... I would love to make one with fresh fruit. I feel like I have been doing a lot of cold weather baking!

Anonymous said...

Amazing looking sweets!

cupcakequeen said...

I absolutely love your blog. I am so technologically behind...can I put you on a favorites list?

Pink Theory said...

your blog posts are always so amazing. I second Lori's request to come to Atlanta. I'd love to taste yer food.

Stef said...

It all looks so good. I'm esp. curious about the first cupcake. The stuff on the top is a appealing. Details?

Cakespy said...

You've sent me into complete sugar shock...and I love it. I can't tell which one I like best. I can't wait to say I knew you when, when you have your own Food Network show!

Anonymous said...

You are really talented and creative. This is one shock I don't mind going into!

KJ Callaway said...

um, will you adopt me and my 4 cats?


vko said...

Hello my dearest Melisser

I have missed out on sooo much. You have been baking your sweet ass off there- you never cease to amaze me with your super duper baking talent.

And how exciting to read about your superstar blog in VegNews, that was a nice surprise!

I am definitely back & catching up.


Anonymous said...

I'm that confusing breed of vegetarian that hates animals. Like, I like pigs and stuff but pets... I really hate pets. That being said, your new puppy is WAY cute. Possibly even melting-my-icy-heart-cute.

Anonymous said...

I thought I already commented, but I needed to attest to just how awesome the wedding/marriage cake and the lemon and the coconut cupcakes were!

Saint Melisser for President!

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